Size of the House

October 2022

Restoring representative government will require thousands of Representatives

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There is only one way to overcome the cumulative damage of nearly two centuries of representational deprivation: Add thousands of Representatives—just as the founders intended.

September 2022

The Wyoming and Cube-Root Rules are ineffectual proposals

By |2023-05-09T06:02:14+00:00Sep 18, 2022|Gerrymandering, One Person One Vote, Size of the House|

The Cube-Root and Wyoming rules are commonly suggested as viable formulas for determining the size of our House of Representatives. However, neither proposal would enlarge the House sufficiently to produce any noticeable benefits.

The Founders’ Rule: How large our House should be

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Having a House of Representatives that is far too small poses a big danger to our republic, but what size would best restore representative government to the American people? The founders provided us with the answer.

The Cube Root Model: It’s not the law, it’s a suggestion!

By |2023-05-09T06:07:54+00:00Sep 05, 2022|Size of the House|

The cube root “law” is frequently cited in articles and papers about determining the optimal size of legislative bodies. That’s surprising, as not only does it fail to materially ameliorate any of the problems it is supposed to address, but its underlying reasoning is profoundly flawed.

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