Appendix 5 to Analysis of Apportionment Sensitivity to Population Miscounts

Apportionment of 435 Representatives – 14-state adjusted scenario

This appendix compares the apportionment of 435 Representatives derived from the official population census to an apportionment derived from the adjusted population census (per Appendix 1) for only those states with statistically significant population miscounts only. The population totals of all the remaining states are unchanged from the official 2020 census. The table below consists of the following columns:

Column A – Total 2020 Population Census by state (same as column E of preceding table).
Column B – 24th Apportionment per the Census Bureau (effective as of the 118th Congress).
Column C – Adjusted Apportionment Population (per Appendix 1).
Column D – Percent change in Apportionment Population (from Column A to Column C).
Column E – Revised apportionment based on Adjusted Apportionment Population (C).
Column F – Increase/(decrease) in number of Representatives (E – B).
Column G – Percent increase/(decrease) in representation.
Column H – Ratio of change in % representation to % change in population.

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